The Transitional Government

"'To achieve peace, you must be prepared for war', an ancient quote from Old Earth that still rings true today. We believe that one unified galaxy, is the only way mankind can prosper. To achieve great things like our ancestors before us and counter the Descendant threat. Our guiding hand ensures laws are followed, order is maintained and freedom of movement is safeguarded. We are the arbitrators of peace, the sentinels of freedom and the bringers of justice." Prime Minister T’Jell
The Transitional Government also known as the TransGov originate from their homeworld of Amici. They strive to bring order to the planets and space they own. Their reach is both far and powerful, but most people not born of Amici do not recognise the authority of the TransGov. The Arbitrators of the Transitional Government have the justices and jury of the supreme ruling, meaning that they can arrest, try and convict criminals solemnly. They follow the law to the letter and will not turn a blind eye on any illegal activity.


Amici is the cradle of the Transitional Government being classed as a garden world. It took them 2000 years to be able to reach for the stars like their predecessors of Old Earth long before them.

The Navy

The fleet of the Transitional Government is one of the mightiest ones in the known space, with it largely reflecting their approach to warfare as tactical and opportunistic striking their foes where it hurts and quickly to that extent their fleets consist of these classes of ships:

The same classes are the ones offered by them at their shipwrights.