Each captain's ability is represented by 14 base skills, all of which are measured from 0 and up usually reaching their full potential at 2.0 at which point a captain may pick a master skill out of the currently available ones related to the base skill. Each skill affects the game differently in some more and some less noticeable ways.

All of the skills can be improved by performing associated tasks, but there are others ways to increase the skills such as reading books, consumables and SR training.

A players overall level although not explicitly stated to other players is presented as a division, these divisions give you an indication of the players skill range.

Base Skills

Anarchist skill

The anarchist skill is a measure of how far a captain opposes the establishment, such as attacking Transitional Government vessels or stealing from structures.

Unlike most other base skills this skill cannot be improved through Substitute Reality training.

Commander skill

The commander skill represents the captain's ability to command their friendly team in combat and giving them buffs in combat.

Craftsman skill

The craftsman skill is a measure of the captain's ability at crafting items, most commonly being but not limited to weapon ports but also equipment ports.

Demolitions skill

The demolitions skill shows the captain's aptitude at taking down structures, which is essential for taking over sectors in a hostile manner.

Engineer skill

Engineer is not to be mistaken with the craftsman skill because engineer skill is dedicated to working on infrastructure, deconstructing structures and dismantling null space minefields.

Entrepreneur skill

The entrepreneur represents the aptitude at making dealing with longer distance exchanges. Such as placing items on the market and buying them.

Explorer skill

Explorer is self explanatory, it shows one's experience in exploring the unknown, such as uncharted sectors, unexplored planets and pushing back the frontier.

Fighter skill

The fighter skill represents a captain's capability at fighting, it is the most general among the more combat oriented skills as any form of fighting increases it.

Freelancer skill

Marksman skill

Miner skill

The miner skill is related to mining affecting the captain's yield with higher levels. The miner skill increases through mining and as such it is one of the easiest skills to improve.

Strategist skill

Trader skill

The trader skill unlike the entrepreneur is more about face to face bartering affecting the prices you buy and sell for at trading structures such as merchant stations and asteroid bars. And as such getting advantageous deals is one of the ways to improve the skill.

Vigilante skill

The vigilante skill largely represents a captain's willingness to aid those in need such as a distress signal which is one of the ways to improve the skill.

Master Skills

Whenever you get to level two in a specific base skill you will have the chance to unlock a master skill. Master skills will replace the base skill and reset the level to one but will unlock new skill progression in the game. You can replace each base skill with a master skill which is listed below.

These skills will be further explained at a further date.

Anarchist master skills


Commander master skills

Fleet Commander

Provides benefits to the entire friendly team in combat.

Remote Commander

Allows for construction of the command centre and the ability to control structures in battle from this structure.

Wing Commander

The Wing Commander master skill allows the captain to create a sub faction known as a wing within their own faction. The captain would become the wing commander and sets the wing speciality which grants it own benefits. Captains from the faction can join the wing with restrictions.

Craftsman master skills


The Shipwright master skill allows the crafting of ships.


The Weaponsmith master skill grants the Gunsmith sub-skill and perks while port crafting.

Demolitions master skills

Atomic Demolition

Engineer master skills

Macro Engineer

The Macro Engineer master skill allows the construction of macrostructures. These being the Alderson disk, Dyson Swarm and Planetary Cloak. Upon unlocking the master skill, the blueprints for each will be granted.

Combat Engineer

Provides additional engineering cards in combat regardless of your current ship, these being: Damage Diversion, Divert Power, Energised Fuel, Energised Hull, Mass Assembly, Recharge, Repair Drones, Drone Swarm, Shield Transfer and Support Charge.

Entrepreneur master skills


The investor master skill provides the facility at High Echelon to invest in new players.


The vendor master skill allows the player to build the bazaar and sell consumables and ship parts they collect.

Explorer master skills


The Colonist master skill allows a player to form settlements that eventually become colonies.


The terraforming skill allows a player to terraform planets from its current type to a different type.

Fighter master skills


Freelancer master skills


Marksman master skills


Miner master skills


The metallurgist skill allows a miner to mine metal ingredients and buy and sell these at mining platforms.


The chemist skill allows a miner to mine chemical ingredients and buy and sell these at mining platforms.


The physicist skill allows a miner to mine solid gas ingredients and buy and sell these at mining platforms.


The Trafficker master skill unlocks a new daily mission type that sees's you traffic various individuals from one location to another.

Strategist master skills


The Tactician master skill allows the player to craft new tactical cards for use in combat based on their innate abilities. These crafted cards can be used in battle or traded with other tacticians.


The regionalist master skill allows a captain to define regions of uninterrupted space and give these regions a name and a role. The roles can be set to such things as demilitarised regions or trade regions providing specific perks.

Trader master skills


Allows the player to broker the sale of structures.

Toll Master

Allows the player to set tolls for stable wormholes and build Null Space Inhibitors.

Vigilante master skills