Karma is aligned with each faction and is effectively a measure of how much favour you have between each faction. Karma slowly neutralises and its default standing is 'observer'. If your karma is very high you will be more closely aligned, which may upset other factions. If your karma is high with the Transitional Government, for example, The Descendants may be inclined to ban you from their structures or even attack you on sight, and vice-versa. Some things that can effect karma are listed below:

  • Destroying ships as an attacker
  • Stealing cargo or commodities
  • Failing or selling cargo from cargo transfer missions
  • Sending messages considered aggressive to NPC ships
  • Using abilities or mercenaries to injure other players
  • Using abilities to damage ships or discharge their light drives
  • Rescuing players or NPCs
  • Completing missions
  • Hacking structures or ships outside of battle
  • Sending fake SOS messages

Moreover, certain actions will cause either TransGov or Descendant ships to attack you, regardless of your karma.

  • Carrying illegal weapons or cargo (TransGov may attack you after a warning)
  • Performing missions for TransGov in a Descendant territory (Descendant ships may attack you)
  • Using nuclear atmospheric, biogenic genocidal or other orbital weapons - including terraforming another factions planet (Any faction may attack you)

Karma levels

Your faction will have relations with NPC (non-player controlled) factions as well as player factions. This relation is represented as karma and has a number of levels. The levels relate to the karma value, with a value of 1 being neutral, good karma being above 1 and bad karma below. The levels are as follows:

Karma Level Values
Saints 1.9
Protectors 1.7
Peacekeepers 1.5
Defenders 1.2
Observers 1.0
Delinquents 0.8
Outlaws 0.6
Marauders 0.5
Reavers 0.3
Nightmares 0.1
Demons 0.0
Kill Order 0.0 > 30 days

Karma neutralises at a rate of 0.02 per day back towards 1.00.

Player faction karma works in a similar way but it has different levels and effect on how the other faction's structures and other assets may treat you. Karma will naturally move back to neutral over time with the exception of when factions are classed as nemesis against each other or allied. A faction will be classed as nemesis if the karma is very low or either faction has declared war on each other. A faction can only become allied by achieving good karma with each other over a long period of time. 

Different levels of karma result in different advantages or disadvantages:

Karma Level  Results
  • All defensive structures will attack on sight
  • All structures will ban entry
  • All wormholes will ban entry
  • All structures will ban entry
  • No actions
  • Wormholes will offer discounts
  • Friendly structures may support friendlies being attacked
  • Wormholes will offer discounts
  • Allies can pass through planetary shields
  • All structures will support any allies being attacked or as attackers